Work Permit

Work Permit

In Canada, experienced and qualified individuals can work in the sectors of those facing a shortage of manpower. There are different types of work permits issued depending upon several factors.  For example, a student who has successfully completed their studies in  Canada are allowed to get a work permit based on the duration of their studies. That is commonly named as the post-graduate work permit. The other type of work permit is issued on the basis of the Labour market impact assessment by the employer to fulfill the shortage of skills in a specific occupation.

We at Skypass help you in all types of work permit processes including PGWP, closed work permit, Open work permit(spouse).

Refer to flow chart for a brief introduction to steps involved in Work Permit:

Work Permit Process


Work Permit


Open Work Permit


Employer Specific Work Permit


Post Graduate Work Permit For International Students


Spouse of International Student/Open Work Permit Holder